Romania is well established as a destination for SPA and wellness travel but opportunity exists to expand on this to become a destination for low cost, high quality medical services. With the success of private medical clinics such as CMU (Unirea Medical Centers) in the domestic market, there could be potential in marketing these services to patients elsewhere in the EU.

A couple of sites link medical services with tourism but dont suggest much integration – they just sell vacation tours and provide information and links to medical and dental clinics.
Private dental clinics have made more inroads in this area with clinics such as.


Medical Tourism in Romania - Dental Works in Draculas Hometown
Medical Tourism in Romania – Dental Works in Draculas Hometown

Dental Travel and Velvet Dental offering packages of dental care, hotel, restaurants and sightseeing. Dental tourism is not, however, as developed as it is elsewhere in the region. With dental fees in Romania at roughly 10-15% the rates in Western Europe, there is significant potential for expansion.

A full service travel agent, acting as a marketer for the health and dental clinics, could provide patients with a customized and integrated offering of medical or dental services, recovery, rest and relaxation and touring. Tourism Research and Marketing estimates that 19 million medical tourism trips were made in 2005 with a value of EUR 16.4 billion. By 2010, they predict, the market will grow to 40 million trips, 4% of the total global tourism market. As Romania continues to leverage its many assets to grow the tourist trade, some effort should be made to target the increasingly important medical tourism market.

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